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Gun Shop SEO + Gun Deals MAP Retargeting

October 08, 20236 min read

"Embrace technology's relentless evolution, for it is the key to unlocking a future limited only by our imagination."

Gun Deals (formerly Slickguns), Gunbroker | Gun Broker or other listing/auction sites are among the best places to start your journey of MAP (Minimum Acceptable Price) firearm, ammo or firearm accessory focused upselling or cross-selling strategies automated retargeting, ensures that your store can maintain its presence around potential customers nationally. Combining this approach with your other gun business ideas and with an effective 2A Drip Marketing CRM such as Rapidfire 2A CRM, together with considering long term growth through Gun Shop SEO will make it even more powerful.

As the firearm industry progresses, more and more businesses are discovering the benefits of listing their products on digital channels like Gun Deals (formerly Sickguns), Gunbroker, Guns America, and other gun finder websites. Due to Facebook & other social media channel's firearm advertising restrictions on gun ads | gun advertisement strategies, money that would normally be spent on ads is naturally redirected to paying the fees on these platforms. These platforms offer a great opportunity for sellers to reach customers and to incorporate advanced retargeting strategies using email, SMS, Direct Message and other upselling or cross selling strategies.

We will review in this blog how to enhance these strategies and why it is important to only list vetted MAP - Minimum Acceptable Price items & why this will ensure more maximal profits. In addition, we will explain why utilizing email marketing systems & CRMs such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Send-in-Blue, Hubspot & others should be replaced with an advanced and scaleable 2A focused automated drip CRM that can connect firearm ecommerce website such as Gearfire or Ammo Ready, can take your shooting sports marketing efforts to the next level! Lastly, we will review the benefits of considering Gun Shop SEO or 2A SEO to grow your own organic brand on Google, Bing or other search engines!

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1. Only list MAP Enforced Products on Gun Deals & Gun Broker:

For firearm businesses looking for greater online exposure and a way to reallocate funds that can not be allocated to gun ads due to firearm advertising restrictions, Gun Deals is an ideal solution. With monthly fees starting at $499 a month for listings or Gunbroker on a ‘per sale’ fee basis for auction listings, companies have access to thousands of potential customers from all parts of the country. To make sure your company has maximum return on its investment in gun deals gun advertising efforts, Rapidfire 2A Marketing recommends researching which niche product offers best margins (15-40% MAP markup). Furthermore focusing only on advertising those specific items makes it easier to ensure pricing strategies that no competitor can undercut without risking suspension by manufacturers'. MAP trackers who crawl websites 24/7 monitoring prices against fair market value limits set forth by manufacturer's Minimum Advertised Price policies (MAP) will ensure undercuts are kept at bay.

2. Dump Traditional CRM & Email Marketing Systems:

When considering a system to help promote and manage firearm businesses, there is no better choice than RapidFire CRM. Starting at only $149 a month and offering a no-risk 7 day trial, this comprehensive marketing platform offers access to powerful email marketing, SMS Marketing, Funnel Systems, Direct Message Marketing, All in one message box for communicating through various channels at once, unlimited bookable calendars for those with such a need, as well as unlimited staff members that can be added and much much more! Rapidfire even touts a ChatGPT content AI, Reputation Management AI Autoresponder as well as a ChatGPT driven automatic workflow appointment booking feature...and much much more!

Being integratabtle to GearFire, Ammoready, Make Ready Armz, custom Wordpress site setups and many others through Zapier and direct API integrations, Rapidfire CRM can take your MAP listing/auction automated drip marketing strategies to a whole new level! If you have tried to integrate your current CRM with other SMS Marketing, Social Media Post Planner, Mass Email Marketing, Automated Workflow or Click Funnel systems, you may have realized the constant increase in monthly revenues and the headache of integrations across systems at different digital firms that are only accountable and only support their own service. This leaves you with the massive headache of dealing with many departments and this will negatively effect any shooting sports marketing efforts!

With Rapidfire CRM, everything is in one area and you get many prebuilt tools and automated recipes, such as those that offer firearm training services as well as those that sell firearms, ammo and accessories. What's even better is you also receive around-the-clock customer support and have a complete arsenal of support topics and learning areas, including onboarding and setup courses, which makes it easy for any questions related product setup or usage to be resolved quickly with Rapidfire CRM. So, feel free to check out Rapidfire CRM or book a demo call to learn more. Replace all of those disconnected systems that aren't built for the 2A amendment industry and trigger true success in all of your future gun business ideas!

3. Grow your 2A Firearm Focused Brand with Gun Shop SEO

MAP retargeting practices stand as excellent marketing solutions, making the decision to subscribe to Gun Deals' monthly fees a rational choice with all of the gun advertisement restrictions across all "heavy left-handed" social media platforms. When listing on these platforms, you are actually benefiting their Google SEO growth...but what about your organic growth? You want your own SEO results on Bing, Google and other search engines so you can get organic traffic, not just fleeting listing-based traffic!

Rapidfire 2A Marketing is the premier outdoor sports marketing or shooting sports marketing firearms marketing agency. We provide comprehensive solutions that combine map retargeting, gun shop SEO strategies, offering our automated Rapidfire 2A CRM free with any gun SEO or 2A SEO plan... this ensures your firearm ecommerce business reaches its full potential. Watch this great Youtube Video for more info.

Our experienced team of professionals understands how to create custom campaigns tailored for gun shops on platforms like Gun Deals and Gunbroker that complement an overall organic SEO strategy, without sacrificing your organic brand growth... while still achieving excellent results with quality MAP retargeting techniques. With any 2A project you undertake through us we offer a free version of the powerful Rapidfire Customer Retention Management system, so you have complete control over your program's success rate at no extra cost!

Learn more about the way Rapidfire CRM can help you level up your Gun Deals or Gunbroker MAP Retargeting Strategies!

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