Locked & Loaded Marketing: Expert Gun Marketing with 2A SEO & CRM Power

Grow Locally or Nationally: DIGITTO Rapidfire Supports Firearm Instructors, Ranges, and FFLs. Benefit from 14+ Years of Marketing Expertise and Advanced 2A Tailored Solutions!

Rapidfire 2A Marketing CRM

  • Empower Your 2A Business!

  • Boost sales and nurture leads online.

  • Manage Google Reviews for a competitive edge.

  • Unlimited calendars for easy appointment booking.

  • Grant access to unlimited staff members for seamless workflows.

  • Automate with unlimited funnels and much much more

  • Take your MAP Sale | E-mail retargeting strategy to the next level!

National 2A SEO Campaigns

  • Quick Ranking: Rapidly improve keyword rankings through niche identification focusing on low competition terms.

  • Expert Term Selection: Our experts + our CORE AI Tools identify the most opportunistic keyterms

  • Proprietary CORE AI Tools: Leverage expert experience and proprietary tools.

  • Make your brand ranking a priority and decouple from relying on listing sites only

Local 2A SEO Campaigns

  • Quickly Stand Out: We identify and target specific subniches for local engagement.

  • Targeted Engagement: Connect with local firearm communities.

  • Regional Optimization: Enhance visibility within targeted regions.

  • Trust and Credibility: Build reputation as a reliable local firearm business.

  • Foot Traffic Increase: Drive more loyal local visitors

All Rapidfire 2A Marketing's SEO Plans include Rapidfire CRM - Essentials ($149) complementarily for the life of the SEO Plan

Rapidfire 2A’s comprehensive SEO plans are packed with powerful features that work together to deliver your desired results. Our well-rounded team has the skills and experience needed to develop a tailored online marketing plan for gun shops, including: optimization of website content, local & national search engine dominance through organic traffic growth strategies, outreach initiatives using PR/media contacts and much more. Get ready - we're taking domination!

DIGITTO Rapidfire 2A SEO Plans give the most bang for the buck!

DIGITTO Rapidifire provides a unique 2A focused SEO experience, combining essential tools and expert knowledge to help firearms businesses reach unprecedented success. Our comprehensive packages include the Proprietary CORE AI Dashboard, Project Management Board and full Reporting & Updates capabilities as well as our innovative Rapidfire Automated Marketing CRM for optimal results.

All 2A Businesses Benefit with Rapidfire

Rapidfire 2A SEO and CRM Programs offer an effective combination of online presence optimization, targeted marketing campaigns, and a powerful customer relationship management system specifically designed for the firearm industry. By taking advantage of our versatile services, FFLs can maximize their exposure to potential customers while streamlining communication with existing clients.

Rapidfire CRM Standalone Plans



Per Month

After 7 Day Trial

Get these powerful features:

  • Smart CRM System

  • Email Marketing

  • Unified Messaging Inbox

  • Facebook Messaging

  • Google Business Messaging

  • Rep Management (GMB)

  • Unlimited Booking Calendars

  • Unlimited Staff Members

  • Easy-to-use SMS marketing

  • Simple-secure text payments

  • Unlimited Funnel | Forms

  • Unlimited Workflow Automations

Complimentary Credits: $10 per mo.

That's about 526 texts or 590 min in calls or 5291 outbound emails



Per Month

After 7 Day Trial

Everything in Essentials, plus:

  • Unlimited Websites

  • Unlimited Multi-step Surveys

  • Social Media Post Planner

  • GMB Call Tracking

  • SMS & E-Mail Templates (Drip)

  • Opportunities | Customer Pipelining

Complimentary Credits: $25 per mo.

That's about 1315 texts or 1225 min in calls or 13227 outbound emails



Small Call to Action Headline

After 7 Day Trial

Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Text-based website chat

  • Unlimited Blogs

  • Memberships

  • Trigger links

  • All Reporting

  • Invoices

  • Affiliate Manager (Pay Customers | Drive Traffic!)

Complimentary Credits: $40 per mo.

That's about 2105 texts or 1960 min in calls or 21164 outbound emails

Most Popular Rapidfire CRM Features for 2A Businesses!

Unified Messaging Inbox

Manage customer inquiries seamlessly from various sources in one inbox, valuable for all 2A firearm businesses.

Smart CRM System

Streamline lead management and compliance for FFLs, supporting excellent service across the 2A sector.

Local GMB Reviews Management

Enhance reputation and draw foot traffic to gun ranges, benefiting all local 2A firearm businesses

Email Marketing with Lead Nurturing

Keep customers informed while nurturing leads, essential for all 2A firearm businesses, including ammo dealers.

Workflow Automations

Optimize operations for firearm accessory manufacturers and all 2A businesses with customized workflow automations that save time and enhance efficiency.

A Do-it-yourself type?

If you are not quite ready to jump into SEO... Discover How to Automate Your Firearm Marketing Efforts

We offer a full suite of firearms marketing services to help local gun shops, instructors and ranges increase foot traffic, grow their business and improve online presence through automated tools. Our experienced team has the expertise to help both nationally focused FFLs, Firearm Accessory & Ammo Dealers in optimizing MAP Auction & Listing strategies with Rapidfire CRM's features.

"Rapidfire CRM helped me take my FFL business of 50 years nationally, so I'm not only relying on in-state or local firearm sales!

-Ron's Guns CT "

Unlock Gun Shop Success on the Go

Rapidfire CRM's automated marketing mobile app provides firearm businesses with the agility to manage on-the-go operations, enabling timely customer engagement and lead management. With its seamless communication abilities, Rapidfire assists in enhancing business responsiveness while ensuring task efficiency for better success.

2A SEO: A Must in 2023

Enjoy fast, reliable results with a team of SEO experts who understand 2A businesses.

Rapidfire's 2A SEO services help firearm shops and FFLs reach the full potential of their digital presence. With experience in gun shop marketing, shooting sports promotion and firearms industry strategies, our expert teams craft comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs that transform targeted audiences into customers—all while providing long-term benefits for sustainable growth. Get started today on building an effective foundation for success!


Rapidfire's 2A SEO plans combine powerful CRM capabilities with targeted SEO strategies to help gun shops and shooting sports businesses reach new customers. With lead nurturing, AI content creation, and more included free of charge in every Rapidfire plan, you can be sure that your firearms business is getting the most out of its search engine optimization investment. Our integrated approach elevates visibility while forming relationships—amplifying success in an ever-evolving market

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can Rapidfire CRM benefit my 2A business?

Rapidfire CRM and 2A SEO - Lead Nurturing & Automated Marketing for Enhanced Engagement.

Is SEO really that important for local firearm shops?

Experience Increased Visibility with 2A-Focused SEO for Gun Shops.

How does Rapidfire CRM differ from traditional CRM systems?

Firearms Marketing: Optimizing Gun Shop SEO for Enhanced Visibility

Why is Rapidfire CRM free with 2A SEO plans?

Professional Firearms Marketing: Rapidfire CRM Innovating Gun Shop SEO.

Can Rapidfire CRM work for both local and national 2A businesses?

Rapidfire CRM Aids Local & National 2A SEO Strategies.

How can AI-generated content benefit my firearm business?

Through Streamling Your 2A Firearm focused drip marketing efforts and Gun Deals (formerly Slickguns), Gun broker MAP Retargeting

"It's never too late, to automate!"


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