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These Digital Firearm Marketing Tactics Trump Gun Ads Every Time!

October 05, 20235 min read

"Fire up your firearms marketing game with the latest tactics; the past belongs in museums, not your business." .” - Firearm Marketing Agency

Due to the “heavy left hand” or firearm advertising restrictions on social media platforms, it’s now nearly impossible for firearm businesses, whether it be FFLs, firearm accessory dealers, ammo-focused dealers, FFL Distributors or even firearm training companies to run successful gun advertisements.

Savvy firearm or 2A amendment companies would circumvent restrictions on gun ads on platforms such as Facebook, by listing non-restricted items or services, such as gun lights, apparel, or firearm safety courses, subsequently retargeting the customers converted from these social media marketing ads into purchasing the items that would have been considered restricted. Now social media platforms are looking more deeply into the holistic offering of firearm businesses and considering whether they are selling restricted items. Even if you try to run a gun control advertisement or other ad-based gun marketing strategy, you run the risk of being banned or "shadow banned": this is more discrete and happens where social media platforms will ban users or block content that is nothing more than a post sharing information, such as firearm pictures or other 2A related information…

Therefore, it is much more intelligent and is a more optimal use of time and resources to cut ties with paid gun commercial or gun ad efforts on social media platforms and to focus resources & efforts on more fruitful marketing endeavors...

8 Reasons

With that said, here are 5 powerful 2A industry focused firearm marketing strategies that will zero in on converting more customers through your firearm ecommerce business!

1. MAP (Minimum Acceptable Price) Retargeting and Upselling:

This is a great shooting sports marketing strategy that can be implemented on Gunbroker, Gun Deals (formerly Slickguns), or any other type of gun finder or gun review website. MAP-enforced firearms, ammo, and accessories on reputable listing and auction sites to build your email list. Then, utilize retargeting campaigns to upsell higher-margin items to those who have shown interest in your offerings. Firearms businesses can take advantage of the auction and listing strategies available to them to maximize their profits, as well as increase customer engagement. By utilizing these methods efficiently, businesses are better able to reach specific target audiences who may be interested in what they have on offer.

An additional tool which should not go unnoticed is email retargeting campaigns, especially when using a robust Smartlist CRM with e-mail, SMS and Direct Messaging capabilities; this allows companies to send promotional emails or reminders about new products/services directly into a customer’s inbox - an invaluable aid when it comes getting noticed!

If you utilize the best and most robust firearm marketing tools & techniques like these together with more traditional advertising mediums may prove to be among your most powerful gun business ideas that will set you miles apart from the competition...while providing impressive results over time!

2. 2A Focused SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In the era of digital commerce, having a well-crafted 2A focused Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy also known as Gun SEO, is essential for gun websites to stay competitive and be found by potential customers. With experienced professionals who understand both firearms industry terminology and marketing principles, successful SEO starts with optimizing website content featuring firearm related topics as keywords together with excellent metatags that enable search engine crawlers to clearly recognize what your business has to offer its clients. Utilizing tools such as analytic reporting can help you gain insights into best practices in creating goals within your organization’s framework when it comes down increasing organic visibility on web searches while developing customer loyalty through effective keyword targeting. Using SEO friendly enterprise sites such as Ammoready or Gearfire, can propel your outdoor sports marketing ROI to a whole new level!


3. Content Marketing and Blogging

Are you looking for effective ways to drive more visitors and leads through content marketing? If so, 2A firearm focused content is an excellent way to do this. Crafting high-quality articles that focus on the popular topics related to the firearms industry can be a powerful tool in your arsenal when it comes to connecting with potential customers or followers, as well as creating SEO value. Additionally, thoughtful, and informative blog posts can help strengthen relationships with consumers and show them why they should choose you over competitors. By leveraging both these methods of digital marketing together correctly, businesses within this niche are surefire set up for success! It's important to note that though the 2A industry is blocked heavily by social media platforms, it's still intelligent to remain involved in facebook gun groups, Reddit gun groups or any other likeminded communities!

4. 2A Influencer Marketing

Firearm business owners have a unique opportunity to leverage 2A influencer marketing strategies for their businesses. This type of marketing is becoming increasingly popular among gun enthusiasts, allowing companies to reach large audiences by tapping into powerful and influential individuals within the industry. By utilizing these influencers, firearm businesses can generate more exposure through targeted campaigns featuring engaging content that resonates with potential customers on multiple platforms. Additionally, effective use of 2A influence allows brands to build long-term relationships with consumers while developing credibility within their respective markets—both of which are essential elements in increasing sales and maintaining success in any firearms venture. Companies like Rapidfire 2A Marketing & its parent entity DIGITTOMedia, have built longstanding relationships with many 2A Industry Influencers!

5. Beyond only Email Marketing Campaigns

Do you want to maximize your firearms business success in the 2A industry? Email marketing campaigns are one of most effective and efficient ways to engage with prospects. As a professional marketer, I recommend building an email list that’s well targeted for gun enthusiasts. Crafting compelling subject lines, giving value-driven content, creating segmented lists specific to target audiences or topics can help achieve better open rates and conversions from leads into customers.

With custom automations, funneling systems, automated SMS & Email drip systems, AI Driven Content systems, among many other tools available today – integrated into robust CRMs (Customer Relationship Management systems), it is easier than ever before make sure message goes out at right time - maximizing engagement while driving brand loyalty and increasing revenue potential! Get started now on designing customized emails for trigger pullers all over nation!

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