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Local SEO

$899-$1,499 a month

Rapidfire CRM - Essentials Included!

Get these powerful features:

  • For Locally focused FFLs, Accessory or Ammo Dealers, Firearm Instructors, Ranges or a combination of all: Choose from 10, 20, 30, or 40 Keyterm Plans

  • Grow your local brand beyond only great local google reviews, show up in those niche local searches and get to the top of Google in your area!

  • Generate local leads through keyword rankings.

  • Improve local search visibility via page optimizations.

  • Attract local clients/customers with Local Citations.

  • Grow online presence with optimized social media accounts.

  • Gain an online audience with regular social media posts.

  • Build brand recognition with local 2A focused content.

  • Boost traffic with monthly links and social signals.

  • Access the CORE AI Dashboard for a top-level view of your local campaign

  • Access to project management board to stay up to date

  • Enhance the SEO plan with automated or manual Google Review requests through Rapidfire CRM!

  • Enhance SEO leads and listing or auction site leads through automated upsells and engagement with the included Rapidfire Essentials ($149 a month + value)

Includes Active Promotion:

Rapidfire CRM - Essentials All-in-one Marketing Tool for all 2A businesses!

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