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DIGITTO Rapidfire 2A Affiliate Program

Only for the motivated and entrepreneurial spirited!

How does up to 35% monthly recurring revenue sound?

Touting 14 years + experience, DIGITTOMedia is not new to the online marketing game! So, a lot of thought goes into each product we launch and incentive program that we release.

DIGITTO Rapidfire CRM is no exception on either front. Offering over $1,700 in 2A firearm business tailored automated marketing and Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems and tools with 3 plan levels ranging from $149 to $399 a month, combined with a very respectable monthly recurring Commission rate of 25 to 35% depending on referred client volume.

DIGITTO Rapidfire 2A SEO

As of August 20th 2023 DIGITTO Rapidfire 2A Marketing is excited to announce that all National Premier & CORE "Budget" and Local Premier & CORE "Budget" 2A SEO Plans are now available for affiliates to apply to and get paid on a monthly recurring basis. DIGITTO Rapidfire CRM - Essentials comes free with any 2A SEO Plan, so the recurring commission that ranges from 7% to 15% a month is paid on the SEO plan specifically, for the life of that 2A SEO client. on plans that range from $449 to $1500 a month (including Rapidfire CRM free, you can see how earnings can stack up!

The Benefits of Being a Rapidfire CRM Affiliate:

๐ŸŒŸ Monthly Commissions:

Unlock a world of earnings. From the moment you refer customers, relish enticing commissions that last for the entirety of their engagement. Experience an initial commission rate of 25% for Rapidfire 2A CRM Plans, and a compelling 7% monthly commission for Rapidfire 2A SEO Plans.

๐Ÿ“ˆ Elevate Your Rewards

Rapidfire 2A CRM: Write your success story by bringing in 5 paying customers. Witness your commission rate soar to an impressive 30%. This remarkable rate applies to the following 10 referrals!

Rapidfire 2A SEO: Experience the thrill by referring only 3 paying customers and watch your commission rate jump to 10%. Enjoy this enticing rate for the next 10 referrals!

๐Ÿ”’ Lock-in the Best

Rapidfire 2A CRM: Secure a remarkable 35% commission rate starting from your 16th referred customer onwards. Even if cancellations impact your customer base, the higher commission stays strong.

Rapidfire 2A SEO: Enjoy a steady 15% monthly commission rate from your 9th referred 2A SEO customer onwards. Just like the Rapidfire CRM affiliate campaign, the higher commission remains, even in the face of customer base fluctuations.

๐Ÿ†“ Free DIGITTO Rapidfire CRM Access:

Scale the peaks of rewards. Refer any 10 paying customers and bask in complimentary access to DIGITTO Rapidfire CRM (please note: SMS, E-mail & Content, and AI fees may still apply).

Important Details to Fuel Your Success:

๐Ÿ“… Payout Brilliance: Experience payouts just 15 days after each monthly payment by referred customers.

๐ŸŽฏSustain Success: Maintain your place in the higher commission bracket by upholding a specific number of referred customers.

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Empower Your Independence: As a valued affiliate, embrace your role as an independent contractor within the DIGITTO realm.

๐Ÿ’ฐSmooth Payouts and Tax Handling: Enjoy seamless payouts and tax form handling through Stripe. Simply maintain a personal or business Stripe account.

Ready to embark on a rewarding journey? Join the DIGITTO Rapidfire Affiliate Program and start your commission adventure now!

Help your clients & grow your business. Earn more monthly income

Become a DIGITTO Rapidfire Affiliate today and discover the benefits of helping your clients and growing your business while earning more monthly income.

By joining our 2A CRM | SEO Affiliate Program, you'll not only receive generous monthly commissions for referred customers, but you'll also gain access to the Rapidfire All-in-one CRM for free after referring just 5 affiliates!

This powerful CRM solution will empower you to automate and streamline your own business processes, saving you time and boosting your efficiency.

With the combined benefits of earning commissions, providing valuable solutions to your clients, and accessing DIGITTO Rapidfire CRM, you can take your business to new heights. Don't wait, become a Rapidfire Affiliate and unlock a world of growth and success today.

Affiliate Portal, Tools & Marketing Material

Become a DIGITTO Affiliate and experience a program that stands out from the rest. While earning up to 35% recurring monthly revenue as a DIGITTO Affiliate is a major benefit, our commitment to expansion sets us apart. Whether you run an online marketing agency, are a web designer or an influencer looking to expand your monthly revenue with a high quality company, products or services... DIGITTO may be the way to go!

As DIGITTO continues to expand its brand, Affiliates can expect an expansion of sales tools & tips, marketing materials, additional landing page options (i.e. Autopilot for most businesses, Rapidfire for 2A/firearm businesses, etc.) and much more.

Currently DIGITTO is accepting affiliate applications and a handful of landing page options that are provided as affiliate referral links upon application approval. Our affiliate portal is in the final stages of beta and will be available in the very near future: The affiliate portal will allow DIGITTO Affiliates a way to easily track past, current, and future commissions.

With 14+ years of experience in SEO, Web Development, and online marketing, DIGITTOMedia is a trusted name.

As an affiliate, you can expect additional services to offer, regular marketing materials, and valuable tips and ideas to keep you ahead. Subscribe now and join a program that goes beyond your expectations.

The DIGITTO Difference: An affiliate program that keeps on giving


Recurring Revenue

Earn ongoing commissions from subscription-based referrals for long-term income.


Trusted Brand & Reputation

Promote DIGITTO as a reputable and trusted solution with a growing customer base.


Generous Commission Structure

Enjoy competitive commissions that incentivize affiliates to drive sales.


High Customer Retention

Benefit from DIGITTO's strong customer retention rate, ensuring recurring commissions.


High Quality Product

Promote a proven, all-in-one marketing and sales automation platform designed for agencies and marketers.


Extensive Support & Resources

Access comprehensive resources and support to enhance your promotional efforts, receive e-mail updates with helpful tools & tips too!

What's the process to get setup?

Even though DIGITTO is all about streamlining and automation, it's expected that some processes involve a little bit of manual human work...

The DIGITTO Affiliate Program does not charge any one time nor recurring fees, but not everyone is approved. After submitting a simple application below, one of DIGITTO's reps will review your details and if everything looks good, you will receive an e-mail within 24 to 48 hours with your affiliate link(s) and other details regarding the next steps to get up and running!

If the representative assigned to process your DIGITTO Affiliate Application has any other questions, they will contact you on the e-mail provided clear anything up and get you the quickest final decision possible!

Apply Now

No Monthly Fees, Earnings up to 35% Recurring Monthly!

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I noticed that DIGITTOMedia gives Autopilot free if someone goes with an Online Marketing (SEO) Plan, if my affiliate referral moves to an SEO plan, what happens to my recurring commissions?

Great point! Don't worry though, we place our affiliates at the highest importance which is reflected in our generous commission structure. What happens if an affiliate referral migrates to a marketing plan that qualifies the customer to get the autopilot platform free is that the recurring commissions simply remain the same. DIGITTOMedia will discount the online marketing plan by the monthly cost of the automation program.

What happens if I get DIGITTO Autopilot Free on my 10th affiliate signup, but then someone cancels is it still free to me?

Yes! It will remain free for you as we know once our affiliates hit 10 signups, cancellations or not you will have motivations to continue referring customers to get paid! As long as you remain an affiliate you will receive access to DIGITTO Autopilot Free, but please read the Affiliate Terms & Conditions related to the SMS, E-mail, and ContentAI charges through our partners that are not included free.

Wait, commissions are monthly? Do I pay Taxes?

Yes, on the 15th day after each paying day for each referred customer, you will receive your applicable 25% to 35% Affiliate Commission Rate sent to your Stripe Account as 1099 Pay. All 1099s are handled through this merchant, please contact your CPA or Tax Advisor for more information as we can not provide Tax, Financial or Legal Advice. Please read Terms & Conditions for more information.

Will DIGITTOMedia SEO & other online marketing services ever be available to DIGITTO Affiliates?

This is absolutely in our future plans. Currently, only DIGITTO Autopilot, DIGITTO Rapidfire and other all-in-one automated CRM platforms are available for affiliates to refer too, but over time we will provide affiliate access to other services from DIGITTOMedia, that may be paid on a one-time or recurring basis. Please keep an eye out from our Affiliate Update Newsletters for updates on these initiatives.


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